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Isolation gown (coat type) SMS Level 3
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Isolation gown (coat type) SMS Level 3

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Product(s): Isolation gown (coat type)

texture of material: More than 35g / 45g SMS non-woven fabric. Sterilization or non sterilization is available.

model: jacket type

Specifications: S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL

Product description: It meets EN13795 / YYT 0506 standard, AAMI PB70 level 3 standard, and has export double white list / CE / FDA / ISO9001 certification / ISO13485 certification.

Product advantages: Using high quality SMS / SMMs as raw material, using ultrasonic suture, the overall protection performance is good. The surface of this grade of material is treated with three resistances (anti blood, anti alcohol and anti hydrostatic pressure), which can resist the common liquids in the operating room. This level of material in the double sleeve and chest and other key areas of the strengthening piece, strengthen the protection level, effectively block the liquid penetration.

 可重复使用褂式医用隔离衣 手术衣款 可重复使用褂式医用隔离衣 手术衣款

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