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Medical disposable protective clothing (irradiation sterilization)
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Medical disposable protective clothing (irradiation sterilization)

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Product(s):Medical disposable protective clothing (irradiation sterilization)

texture of material: Fabric gram weight 65g / 77g / 80g, SSS non-woven fabric + PE breathable film, the needle seam is sealed and pressed with blue high-performance adhesive tape, and the color of adhesive tape can be selected. irradiation sterilization

model: Conjoined(irradiation sterilization)

Specifications: S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL

Product description: With export double white list; CE certification, FDA certification; ISO9001 certification; ISO13485 certification; meet the type 4, 5, 6 standards; meet the requirements of type-B, GB19082-2009 standards.

Product advantages: The raw material of gaog repetitive nonwovens is breathable, moisture permeable, light and tough, which can prevent the accumulation of static electricity, and has good protection, durability and comfort.

Scope of application——It is suitable for medical staff to contact with potentially infectious patients' blood, body fluid secretions, particles in the air, etc. to provide barrier and protection.

 可重复使用褂式医用隔离衣 手术衣款

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